Positioning aimed millet: PICOOC products released new smart weight scales magic scales CC

The past two years to intelligent hardware outlet, not only all kinds of traditional hardware products are marked with smart label, old wine in new bottles for a change to sell. Many other niche products have become popular, such as smart fat scales. Recently, PICOOC (products) has released its new smart grease scale products: Magic scales CC. The price of 99 yuan, 11 this month, 10 points in Tmall products flagship store on sale, before the 200 half price.
A magic scale CC continuation of the previous generation product pricing C1 appearance, still black shell with silver electrode, the overall thickness of 30mm. The surface uses toughened glass, the thickness is 5mm, may load 150kg. Support for 9 body measurements, including body weight, body fat rate, visceral fat, protein, bone mass, muscle rate, water content, basal metabolic rate, and so on. Using bioelectrical impedance techniques to measure electrical resistance with a weak current to analyze body targets, the work principle is no different from most of the same products. The magic scale CC supports Bluetooth connectivity and can be used in conjunction with Android or iOS devices. The new version of the APP also incorporates some new features that now allow users to develop weight-loss goals, monitor movement, and share fitness data.
After entering the field in more and more manufacturers, intelligent body fat scales to give people the feeling from the beginning of the “black technology” return to the ordinary, the price is reasonable, now the price of intelligent body fat scales most of the 50~150 in this price range, but also reflects the recent intelligent body fat scale technology halt. Most body fat says it is not accurate in measuring parameters, and even the two measurements in a few minutes are very different and are not reliable as a health reference.
Magic scales CC

Measurement of visceral fat and protein content: cloud wheat introduced a light weight Mini intelligent weight scale

Work in modern industries has become less dependent on physical strength, and many jobs are sedentary every day in front of the computer, resulting in obesity and a variety of health problems that plague many people. In the national fitness wind blowing now, some people began to warm fitness, running, cycling, swimming and other sports, most of whom are the same purpose: lose weight. The pursuit of weight loss is not only the weight loss, but also changes in muscle, body fat and other parameters, so the intelligent weight scale came into being. Previous generations of products, word of mouth good cloud wheat today officially launched the cloud wheat good light mini smart weight scales, volume compared to the previous several products more mini, the price and time to market is not announced.
Yunmai good light Mini in the previous generation on the basis of the size reduced from 327mm to 260mm, from the appearance point of view, people stand up after the feet directly in the body fat called edge, is the use of space to the extreme. However, users of this design need to pay attention to the problem of easy rollover when single side pedaling. And the previous generation Yunmai good light compared to good light Mini in addition to the volume of the streamlined, still on the functions of the expansion. Measurements supporting 10 physical parameters, including weight, BMI, fat, muscle mass, bone mass, moisture, basal metabolic rate, body age, visceral fat, and protein, enhanced overall functional properties.
Cloud wheat was good, Light Mini was detected by BIA bioelectrical resistance measurement, and various health data were analyzed by using the ratio of vertical and horizontal resistance of each part of the body. Using the German chip to support Bluetooth 4, known as in 1.9 seconds to complete the connection with the mobile phone, standby time is 200 days long. The body measurement data can be synchronized to the cloud platform through the mobile phone, even in the mobile phone can also be retained after the replacement, the official “light” App support custom, presentations, community and other functions, but also the daily weight changes uploaded to the circle of friends…… For those who are determined to lose weight, there is still something to promote.

12 health tests: MEIZU Meizu launched smart fat scales

As everyone knows, Millet’s “brother” a lot, sideline business is full of sound and colour and MEIZU (Meizu), is also working to build a similar ecosystem, to provide comprehensive intelligence experience for users. Recently, Meizu brings an intelligent body fat scale, can accurately test the 12 body data, dialog built-in Bluetooth 4 chip, lower power consumption, support the Meizu M Fit connection, support people sharing, Meizu body fat scales can automatically upload data to the mobile phone to achieve a measurement scale, sharing the family. This smart body fat scale has been officially launched on June 18th, can be purchased at Meizu Tmall flagship store, promotional price of 149 yuan.
Appearance, the use of ultra-thin body design, measuring size of 30x260x20mm, weighing 1.36kg. The design is simple and smooth, conforms to the human engineering, the bottom has the TPU antiskid rubber, the toughened glass weighing surface can withstand 180kg weight and the impact resistance, the glass edge has 25mm fillet treatment, avoids the accidental cut. Dialog equipped with Bluetooth 4 chip, Meizu M supports fast Fit connection of BMI, body weight, body fat, muscle rate, moisture, bone mass, basal metabolism, protein, subcutaneous fat rate, protein ratio of 12 scientific data detection, support people sharing, but also can automatically upload data to the mobile phone, long-term operation only two No. seven batteries.

Steadily moving into digital health: NOKIA, NOKIA, Withings, Body, body fat scales

As the world’s leading health smart French brand Withings has always focused on the vertical field of digital health, had launched a smart watch high-end positioning, intelligent scales, intelligent monitor and other products, the product has a high value added technology for black pigment. Withings was acquired by NOKIA in 15, and has now launched body body fat scale, which has been put up on Jingdong shelves, with a minimum price of 499 yuan and a limit of 200 units.
After spending $190 million to buy Withings, NOKIA’s focus has shifted towards a potentially healthy digital health, in an attempt to have a niche in digital health.
This is the French Observeur design award body fat scales, the shape of the French team design, white tempered glass panels, size 327*327*223mm, flagship minimalist fashion. The 2.9 inch LED high contrast screen is still visible under strong light. Core technology, Position Control technology, can provide measurement accuracy up to 100g. 4 high-precision sensors instantly perceive subtle changes in the body and rapidly display weighing curves nearly 8 times. In addition, additional functions, such as weighing in the morning, and even on the WiFi, can immediately access the local weather situation, and if there is active tracking, you can also intelligently display the number of steps the previous day.
In addition, the most intelligent identification of 8 users, each user’s data can be set independently and synchronized with APP. Powered by 4 1.5V batteries, the battery runs for up to a year and a half. Need to match NOKIA health assistant Health Mate App use, IOS system compatible with IOS8 or higher version, Android compatible with Android 2.3.3 or higher version.

SITU smart kitchen scales automatically calculate calories and nutrients

There have been a lot of smart scales the station introduced, Connor cloud RyFit scales from the previous Fitbit Aria, PICOOC Latin to the recent domestic manufacturers of new, more complex, not only can measure the body weight, fat rate, muscle rate, basal metabolic rate, bone weight, diet, sleep, exercise can also provide suggestions for the user, in addition to smart scales, a London based company recently invented a smart kitchen scale SITU, can help the scientific planning of every meal intake of calories and nutrition, to achieve weight loss and health.
SITU is an electronic scale with a built-in Bluetooth chip and is currently only available for iPad links. Users put food on the SITU, and then select the corresponding food types on the iPad through the matching app, calculate the nutrients and record it automatically. In simple terms, SITU and kinds of food can not be identified automatically, you can say it is just an electronic scale and food nutrition table combination, but it will calculate and record the heat process becomes simple, access to nutrition list and record of the pen calorie avoids the process.
Control heat never is a honed mind thing, many people lamented: “I have very little to eat, hungry every day is not how thin”, actually pay attention to the choice of satiety strong low calorie food, do not have to lose weight by starving suffering. SITU intelligent electronic weighing 500g, also in the congregation to raise, but already can be scheduled, pre order price of 70 pounds (about 730 yuan), the first scheduled preferential price of 50 pounds (about 520 yuan), is expected in November officially on sale.

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